We are a nation divided. Divided by social class, racial class, economic class, political ideology, and religious doctrines. Divided by stereotypes, by fears, by dogma. We are a nation, that if history has any weight, is divided and on the brink of collapse. The left would have you believe that it is the rights fault. The right would have you believe it is the lefts fault. In the end, it is everyone’s fault. It is the fault of the parent who will not discipline their child. The fault of the bureaucracy that has stripped parents of rights and given them to immature children who know nothing of what it takes to be a functional human being due to lack of discipline. The fault of the individual who does not demand that things be changed in unity with others of like mind. It is the local, state, and federal governments fault for not having enough concern for those governed to stop the intrusive bureaucracy that has crippled the family and the individual.

Liberties have been stripped. Rights have been voided. All of this for the opinions of the few that seek to control the rights of the many. Popular media, FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN, RT, MSNBC, and many others have convinced us, as a people, that the desires of groups like ANTIFA, GLBT and BLM are somehow more important than those of the average self identifying individual. Our elected officials have bowed on bent knee to worship the ideologies of the a fore mentioned groups and others like them.

We are told it is racist to present an opinion that all of us are equal and that we have always been equal. We are told it is racist to speak the truth of what is called a religion but at it’s heart is nothing more than a veiled political ideology of conquest and suppression and has been so since that religions prophet first encountered an otherworldly entity in a dark cave 1500 years ago.

We are told that those who entered this nation under illegal circumstances should be given the rights of those who were born in this nation naturally. We are told that the burden placed upon the individual by these illegals being here should be born. That the monies spent to house them, feed them, and cloth them are just and fair even to the detriment of those who are citizens by birth. We are told that when the people, as a majority want these peoples to be removed from our nation and made to come here through proper channels, which have been in place for well over a hundred years, that we have no right, no voice, no say; a direct violation of the founding doctrines of this nation.

We are told that the color of our skin somehow entitles us to a special privilege that others are simply just not given; that affirmative action, which entitles others to special treatment under the law based on skin color and ethnicity, is not the same as that privilege. That somehow I, as a man of a lighter skin shade must cow-tow to the desires of those of darker shades. That I am a racist because I do not believe this to be the truth. This is a fringe belief based in bigotry by those who regurgitate it upon society. By those who seek to control the world through shaming others into allowing them to do as they desire. If science is correct and human kind originated in Africa, then it is these people that began the cycles of war and oppression that have become prevalent throughout the history of mankind. It is these peoples that perpetrated the enslavement of others, the subjugation of those who did not meet their criteria for equality. It is also the nations of Africa and the Middle East that continue, to this day, the institutions of slavery, divisive forced capitulation, and continued damnation of those who differ in opinion from them. History shows and proves this fact.

We are told we are wrong. When the truth and facts do not align to give the outcome desired by these fringe groups, and yes they are fringe not majority, we are told we are wrong. We are told that we have no right to discord on these matters. We are told we are wrong. We are told we must give up what we have labored for to attain those things in life that make existence in this miserable plane palatable so that the fringe minority can have all that they desire. We are told that these fringe groups should be given everything even at the detriment of others. We are told we are wrong.

We are told we must accept the truths of others religious and political ideologies because they are in some way more important than ours. That they are correct and we are wrong. Our nation is given to the idea that somehow we are less because of the inequalities that separate us. That we are more inclined to injustices towards others because of this. Should we not look to history to provide evidence of these falsehoods?

In 1933 an Austrian named Adolf Hitler began a march toward power in Germany through deception, spin doctoring, and hatred of others. Power that would culminate in the greatest war known to humanity. The lose of millions from many nations. The extermination of millions simply because of their difference in religious theology, ethnic origin, financial status, or social position. During that same era an Italian by the name of Benito Mussolini, a fascist, came to power with a similar theology to that ruthless and cruel German demagogue subjugating the Italian peoples under his barbaric hand. Was it not the fabled Roman empire who forced the known world into subjugation under an authority that ruled through conquest and indoctrination into their way of existence. We have, as a species, deified the Romans for all of their accomplishments that make what we call modern life possible. Their scientific breakthroughs in medicine; most of which were taken from the Ancient Greeks and Chinese.

Let’s look at, what we now know to be true of all of these men. They were all paranoid. All have severe mental issues; megalomania, depression, paranoia. All used substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, and alcohol. All came to power through fear mongering, absolute deception, self aggrandization, and forced capitulation. All acquired control through force and military domination of those with a lesser following. Most usurped power given by the people to others who they saw as fit to govern. Does this mean nothing in this modern era of human kind?

There are leaders around the world that fit the mold formed by the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin; all of which exterminated millions of his own people simply for having a dissenting opinion. Leaders in nations like Russia, many European, Asian, African and Middle Eastern nations. Many leaders in this nation, and nations similar to it, would seek to do the same if they could, under the pretense of social justice and political equality.

The question is how do we fix these problems? The answer is simple, we ban together in a unified equality, such as was sought by men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi. A peaceful overthrow of the corruption that is so prevalent in modern governments is all nations. Bar none. We must as a species on this glorious biome we call Planet Earth unify under the conditions of absolute equality.

There must be tenants that are universally accepted by all to govern and maintain a well established and well organized society. Tenants that lend toward future development of just and equal systems in all nations, on all continents, for all of humanity. These must be based in equality, righteousness, and dignity. The laws that dictate these tenants must be natural and unalienable to all of humanity. They can, and must, lead to a world where their is no territorial boundaries. A world with no social inequalities. A world with spiritual acceptance for all religious doctrines. A world where the tone of one’s skin is not a characteristic on which that one is seen; nor religious belief; nor social stuture. A world where, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated, one is judged by the character and content of his soul.

No system is perfect therefor these tenants should be living, with the ability to change as humanity and societies progress.