The founders of Kayfabe Radio are dedicated to providing an outlet for Freedom of Speech. We offer up our platform to others to present their thoughts on issues from politics and religion to sports and pop culture.

The philosophy here is simple, everyone has a voice and that voice needs to be heard.

We do not, however, promote hate speech of any sort.

We will not facilitate a platform for others who espouse racism, bigotry, or intolerance of others for any reason. These are all things best kept locked away in a dungeon somewhere with the rest of one’s personal inquisition on others.

Kayfabe Radio was founded in the simple truth that all people matter. No matter what race, what religion, or what political affiliation one has, we promote diversity and freedom of thought.

Kayfabe Radio is comprised of unique individuals from a diverse range of social, economic, political, and ethnic backgrounds. We have come together to promote the core tenants of Equality, Education, Entertainment, Understanding, and Unity.

We present to you entertaining talk radio with various subject matter.