Merry Christmas

Christmas Day US

December 25, 2018 12:00 am

It’s that one day out of the year when even the most evil of spirits seem to come to life with a light that we seldom see any other time. Christmas is a day of feasting and celebrating life, friends, and family. The day when the little ones rip open the carefully wrapped presents that we spent a months income on just to see the sparkle in their eyes knowing, that for this one brief moment, there is happiness in them.

Kayfabe Radio asks all of our listeners to settle in with loved ones, father ’round the table and enjoy that ham or turkey feast topped off with a slice of homemade pie. We ask that each of you out there look for the blessings in this world and for one day, just one, let all the worries of yesterday and tomorrow pass by. Enjoy this moment and this time with those you care most about.

May your holiday be blessed with good food, good drink, and good humor. This day is a blessing so enjoy!