Ten Spot

Black Sabbath


Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Gezzer Butler, and Bill Ward defined what heavy metal is. Their blues laden, bass driven sound, and powerful anti-establishment lyrics paved the way for future artists like Metallica, Dio, Anthrax, and Guns N’ Roses.

Join us here at Kayfabe Radio as we honor Black Sabbath every Sunday night at 10:00 pm eastern when we call mass for 2 full hours of Black Sabbath.


With his operatically charged vocals and powerful, unforgettable songs, Meat Loaf has made a legacy of music that, to this day, still reaches to the soul of fans both young and old. While rock masterpieces like Bat Out Of Hell and Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell are what most remember him for, his career has spanned over 40 years.

Kayfabe Radio invites you stop in every Monday at 10:00 pm eastern for a little bit of hell with 2 full hours of Meat Loaf.


The Piano Man has been making music for nearly 50 years now. His sound is inspiring and genuine. His fans gather by the tens of thousands when he performs and he has never failed to deliver an unforgettable show. Billy Joel is Oyster Bay, Long Island’s gift to American rock music. His piano skills and lyrical brilliance have been topping the charts since the early 1970’s.

The bar opens every Tuesday night at 10:00 pm eastern right here on Kayfabe Radio as the piano player sits in the corner of a smokey room for 2 full hours of Billy Joel.


The Scots have someone to be very proud of in Rod Stewart. This sultry voiced corner can often be heard in the background as couples do what couples do in the bedroom. His unique hairstyle has become his trademark, and his music is as captivating and evocative today as the day it was first recorded.

Take off your shoes and sit right down every Wednesday at 10:00 pm eastern as the stadium fills and the crowd cheers for 2 full hours of Rod Stewart.

Queen Logo II


They are truly one of the most legendary groups in the history music. Their style transcends rock. Their songs have become anthems known around the world. The road they paved through the world of rock and roll remains decades after the loss of front man Freddy Mercury. Queen are more than just musicians, they are musical royalty.

Boom Boom Clap Boom Boom Clap with Kayfabe Radio every Thursday night at 10:00 pm eastern as we kneel before rock’s Queen for 2 full hours.


Uniquely transcendental is but one term to describe Pink Floyd. The body of work produced by the band, no matter what incarnation, is provocative and inspirational. They have sound that has never been duplicated as it would be blasphemy to attempt. Waters, Gilmour, Mason, and Wright, which on is pink?

Turn on and drop out with Kayfabe Radio as we tear down the wall every Friday night at 9:00 pm eastern for 3 full hours of Pink Floyd.


Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Bob Seger brings with him a very American style of Rock. Rock at it’s most basic. His songs have become a part of the American way of life. During the 1970’s Seger and The Silver Bullet Band were an unstoppable force in the world of rock.

Hop on that big two wheeler and journey with Kayfabe Radio down the long and lonesome highway for a full day of Bob Seger Saturdays all day long.