The Story of Queen: Mercury Rising

Growing up in the 1980’s our generation saw the advent of the music video. Today no musical artist could ever imagine having a chart topping single without one.

In the 1980’s music videos were different, they were special. We would sit in front of our televisions, and if we were fortunate enough to live in a market that had cable television, we would watch MTV for hours on end. Programming such at Dial MTV and The Headbangers Ball became mainstays in our homes.

One band that realized the viability of music video long before it became the thing to do was Queen. Fronted by flamboyant front man Freddy Mercury, their videos were always creative and always unique.

We invite you to join us as we pay tribute to Freddy Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor, better known to the world as Queen. This full length hour documentary delves into the bands founding, it’s issues, and it’s survival after the death of legendary front man Freddy Mercury.

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